AN101 customer chair

AN101 customer chair

$265.00   $165.95
L270 pedicure spa package

L270 pedicure spa package


Los Angeles receptionist counter

$1,102.00   $1,035.00

Hollywood manicure table

$410.00   $389.25

Compact sink cabinet


Paris single bench spa pedicure chair


$4,995.00   $3,870.20

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Chúng tôi là công ty duy nhất có thể cung cấp cho khách hàng đầy đủ các bộ sưu tập hàng hóa cho salon spa đến từ T4, Alfalfa, Continuum, JA usa, LC, LZ, Salon Tech và Gulfstream.

We stock salon equipment such as pedicure chairs and tanning beds and our combination of reliable quality and reasonable prices makes us a great source for any beauty salon – big or small.

A well-managed beauty salon can be a profitable business but it does need investment time and again in good furniture and equipment. When equipment is well taken care of, it can last a long time. However, it still cannot last forever. So, any salon or spa owner is going to be constantly on the look-out for good advice on how to get the best deal on salon equipment. One very useful place to look for deals is online supplier of spa equipment such as SpaSalon.us.

We can also be of assistance if you are opening your own beauty salon or spa and are looking for the right kind of furniture and equipment - you have really arrived at the best place on the Web for these. Salon furniture has to be functional, sturdy and stylish. You want every item that you add to the décor to be a statement of your taste and a reflection of your fashionable personality. At the same time you are going to pay attention to detail and so you would like a pedicure chair that is well-suited for your physical space and beauty salon equipment that offers ease of use to your employees.

We at SpaSalon.us have a range of furniture that fits both these requirements. We carry top models from well-established brands such as Salon Tech, Gulfstream and Continuum. Our products have been tried and tested and approved by many spa and beauty salon owners.

One instance of this is our pedicure chair. We ship our pedicure chairs in two parts and they are very easy to put together. Very often the set up is fairly straight-forward and all you need to do is provide a drain for the spa water. Sometimes, if the chair cannot be placed near a usable drain it may be necessary to use a pump. There are some models that do come with a pump. As for maintenance, it is best to run a sanitizing agent through the spa after every use to maintain high standards of hygiene. There are state regulations about health and hygiene standards and every beauty salon owner should make sure they comply with local laws.

If one big advantage of SpaSalon.us is that every item we stock carries a stamp of excellence, the other is that we stock a wide variety of items needed in spas or salons. We have everything from massage equipment, facial equipments and hair stations to wall papers, salon lamps and window decals. We want to ensure that you get everything that you are likely to need for salon furnishing from one stop – SpaSalon.us!

We also stock spa parts such as electrical components and footrests. This means that we are here for you even after the big purchases. Whether it is the drain pump that needs to be replaced or the armrest vinyl protector, you can still get the benefit of our service and our high-quality products.

SpaSalon.us takes pride in being a trustworthy resource for beauty salon owners and we offer our experience and expertise to help our clients. We have been in the business since 2004 and have helped furnish spas around the world. We believe in building strong relationships with our clients and we find that the best way to do this is to provide top-quality products and service. We want you to know that we go the extra mile for our customers so we give a free pedicure stool with every order of salon or spa chair.

If any of our products interest you, you can place an order right away. If we have it in stock, we ship it within 10 days. If we have to procure it before shipping it, we will keep you informed so that you do not have to stress about any delay in deliveries. We accept all major credit cards, cashiers’ checks, business checks and money orders. Keep in mind that for the bulk of our products there is no additional shipping fee. If you have any questions call us today and we will be happy to answer them.