About our company

Since 2004, SpaSalon.us has established itself as a leading e-commerce platform for spa and salon equipment sales and services. We offer a wide range of premium equipment to meet all spa and salon needs and take pride in providing exceptional customer service and competitive pricing. As the most visited independent equipment website in the US, our goal is to expand our reach and dominate the spa industry, including the medical spa sector. Our mission is to support spa and salon business owners by providing the latest, high-quality, efficient, and safe equipment and supplies, and offering education and support to help them succeed. Adhering to the principles of a free market economy, we facilitate direct competition between suppliers to ensure our customers receive the best prices. We are committed to providing an efficient, timely, and helpful online shopping experience, guided by our core value of integrity. 

SpaSalon.us will thrive in the competitive e-commerce market by following a solid business plan and executing excellence in customer service, sales, and support. We stay ahead of the curve by providing up-to-date educational resources and targeted marketing efforts, as well as a user-friendly website and streamlined distribution system. Our customer-centric approach prioritizes their needs, leading to a loyal customer base, positive reviews, referrals, and the distinction of being a leader in the spa, health, and fitness education.

Over the next five years, SpaSalon.us aims to solidify its position as the ultimate one-stop-shop for spa and salon owners. Our comprehensive e-commerce empire will offer everything necessary to succeed in the industry, including equipment, business tools, education, and support.

Match Prices

Does SpaSalon.us match or guarantee prices?

At SpaSalon.us, we are committed to providing our customers with the best value for their money. If you find a lower price on an item you want to purchase, please let us know and we will do our best to match or beat that price. Our goal is to ensure that you are satisfied with your purchase and that you feel confident knowing that you receive the best deal possible. Thank you for choosing SpaSalon.us for your salon and spa needs.


Questions and Answers:

Q: I have been shopping around and have found your prices are the best how come?
A: We are a true wholesaler. What that means is we take advantage of our large purchasing power to work with our suppliers so that we can give our customers lowest prices.

Q: After I submitted my order, does my account get charged for items that are not available (outstock or backorder)?
A: No, you pay and get shipments for only for what is available to ship at the time of your order. If your account was charged, you will get a refund.

Q: What forms of payment does SpaSalon.us accept?
A: We accept all major credit cards, paypal, business checks, money orders, cashier checks, bank accounts and bank transfers.

Q: Why should I purchase my Salon/Spa equipment from SpaSalon.us?
A: Our expertise is in equipping pedicure spas and salons worldwide. We carry Salon/Spa equipment and accessories from all major manufacturers so we may provide the best equipment to fit your needs.

Q: When will my order be shipped?
A: On the average, within 10 business days. Should it take longer, we will make sure that you are aware of any delays.

Q: Will I incur shipping charges?
A: The majority of our merchandise are shipped free of any additional fees.

Q: Does your company offer complimentary gifts?
Yes, unlike most pedicure spa distributors, SpaSalon.us will ship (with each Salon/Spa chair) a new pedicure stool with your new purchase.

Q: Is much assembly required on my new spa?
A: Your new chair will come to you in two pieces (the base and the chair). Simply bolt the chair to the base and your spa is assembled.

Q: How do I clean the whirlpool system?
A: Use a low foaming cleanser like Simple Green or Cascade. Pour a little in a tub of clean water and run the spa for a few minutes. This will help clean the jets and the tub.

Q: What is the best way to sanitize after each pedicure?
A: Please consult your state regulations. However, we suggest adding a hospital grade sanitizer to the water after each pedicure. Run the whirlpool system for at least ten minutes and let the sanitizer do its job. Drain and rinse the tub. If you are unsure of the level of sanitation, repeat this process.

Q: How often do I need to clean the whirlpool screen?
A: Best practice is to remove it and clean it after each pedicure. The screen is inside the tub, usually a round perforated cover. This screen captures large particles so they do not enter the whirlpool system.

Q: How does the hot and cold water hook up to the spa?
A: In most cases the water hooks up similar to the washer in your house. Most manufacturers provide 1/2" fittings.

Q: How does the spa drain?
A: The tub drains similar to a standard household bath tub. The drain on most spas can go straight down through the floor, out the back of the chair or it may need to drain uphill which requires a discharge pump.

Q: What is the purpose of an inline discharge pump?
A: In some cases you may not have a drain source close to the location where you want to place the spa or you may need to drain uphill. In these cases you can have a discharge pump installed from the factory. With the push of a button the pump takes the water out of the tub and sends it to your drain source. NOTE: Some models come with a discharge pump as standard equipment.

Q: Why do the manufacturers suggest using a licensed plumber to install my new spa?
A: Although pedicure spas are easy to plumb and install, a licensed plumber will know local plumbing codes and should be insured. Faulty hook up by someone other than a licensed plumber may void your warranty.

Q: What type of electricity will I need to install my new spa?
A: Most spas require a standard 110 volt GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) protected outlet. Most spas use less than 10 amps of electrical service when both the whirlpool and massager are on.

Q: Do I need to bolt my new spa to the floor?
A: Not usually, just make sure that the floor surface does not allow your spa to move around. Refer to the manufacturer's installation manual.

Q: What if I need warranty service?
A: It is easy, contact our manufacture and our technical support staff will handle everything for you.

Q: How will my new spa be shipped?
A: Your spa will be delivered by a major freight carrier. You will be given a tracking number after your spa ships so you can track your shipment online or by phone. Shipments to a residential address may incur extra charges to you.