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Nail Dryers

We have a variety of nail dryers to choose from in multiple colors that seat anywhere from 2-8 people.
Beniko quick dry station Give your salon a unique style and flair with the Beniko Quick Dry Station.This beautiful, duo-tone quick dry station fits up to...

TN-ND T15 BK nail dryer Included UV & fan Dimensions: 48"L x 16"W x 38"H

TN-ND12 nail dryer

VM710 round UV hands & feet station This station will sure to be the center of attention with its circular distinctive design. The dual moonstone...

Professional air nail fan blow dryer Features: Professional salon-standard and non-gel (i.e. regular) varnish nail dryer with elegant white...

Fantasea UV nail dryer - dual fans Built to last, Fantasea UV Nail Dryer - Dual Fans is constructed with heavy duty steel covered with a tough layer of...

Goldcrest dryer station Dimensions:  56"L x 16"W x 39.5"H

Dryer - LED Magic Dryer This true and test proven high performance LED UV dryer works with all major brand LED UV color gels. The "Best Value" LED UV...

UV-9BS nail dryer Uniq style Hand & feet dryer 4 people seating 8 UV lamp 4 powerful fan Dimensins: 61" L x 14 1/4" W x 36" H

Heat and dryer Heat and Dry Blower Unit for Quick and Easy Nail Draying. Two Separate on/off switches for blower and heater function. Automatic...

Morning nail dryer Granite marble top, Wood base UV light with fans Seating for 4 people Dimensions:  21.5''W x 67"L x 44"H   

TN-ND10 nail dryer Dimensions: 26"W x 38"H

MT620 nail dryer Equipped with both manicure and pedicure dryers  Seats up to four people  Wireless remote included  12 nail dryer...

Beyond UV lamp nail dryer The Beyond UV Lamp   is a professional 36W UV light for curing gel nails. This great lamp cures one hand at a time and...

Deluxe nail Drying table - 4X4 4 Manicure and 4 Pedicure Machines. 5 Year Warranty. All Metal Construction. Drys Any Type of Topcoat. Two...

64W UV LED Light source lamp Specification: Colors: White, Black Product material: ABS Power: 64W Light source: 365+405nm dual...

ANS pro-gel 14w for one hand at a time. Small and powerful

Nine watt ultraviolet nail curing light Safe and effective with top coats and gels. We make it in several voltages for overseas sales. (12 pieces per...

Nine watt ultraviolet gel lamp This new gel lamp is made to cure both gel and top coats. 110 volt

18 Watt Ultraviolet gel lamp with 3 min. timer Two nine watt bulbs with new dual access design simplifies all work stations. Mirrored inside finish cures...

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