Fiori 368 Paraffin wax warmer (pack of 10)

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Fiori 368 Paraffin wax warmer (pack of 10)

Filling the paraffin bath and melting the wax:

1. Place the paraffin bath on a heat-resistant tray. Open the bath lid.

2. Place paraffin (max 3 kg) in the bath and close the lid.

3. Turn on the paraffin bath, the red light will turn on. Then start warming up the paraffin. The red right light will blink while warming up. If necessary, use the arrow buttons to adjust the temperature of the wax in the bath. Paraffin must not be used until it has completely melted. It takes about 2 hours for the paraffin to melt completely.

4. Avoid dropping paraffin levels to the "MIN" line. The amount of paraffin must be between the MIN-MAX lines.


5. Clean your hands and feet; remove accessories; fold up your sleeves or trousers. For best results, massage your feet and hands with a moisturizing cream that suits your needs before the procedure. Do not use heat-activated creams.

6. Test the heat of paraffin on your wrist. If the paraffin is too hot, use the arrow buttons to lower the paraffin temperature and wait a few minutes.

7. Slowly place your feet or hands in the paraffin bath and slowly remove them. Observe the skin surface for a few seconds until the paraffin has hardened. Repeat dipping your hands or feet with paraffin 5 times or more. The thicker the paraffin layer, the longer the thermal effect of the paraffin will last.

8. Wrap your hands or feet in plastic gloves, slippers. For extra effect, use thick cotton gloves, socks.

9. 15 minutes later (you can extend the action time if the paraffin layer is thick and you are using heat retaining cotton gloves), remove the cotton and plastic gloves, and remove the paraffin layer from your hands and feet. Discarded paraffin should be discarded! The client's hands and feet are soft and well-groomed after the procedure.

10. When you are no longer using the paraffin bath, switch it off, remove the plug. It is recommended that the paraffin bath be cleaned and refilled with new paraffin after 40 uses.


1. Do not use the device in damp rooms (eg bathrooms). Do not immerse the appliance in water or in liquids. Do not store the device on an insecure surface.

2. Do not let the appliance cord become slippery, as you may lightly get caught and fall off the appliance table. Make sure the cord of the appliance is not in contact with different heaters.

3. Do not touch the inner metal surface of the unit to avoid burning.

4. If possible, use a paraffin bath and wax from the same manufacturer.

5. Do not stand in a paraffin bath.

6. Do not heat paraffin in the microwave. Do not heat paraffin with the film wrapper. Do not add other components (oils, liquids) to paraffin

7. Paraffin treatments are not recommended for burns, allergies, or other skin conditions. Do not use paraffin on the eyes or on other sensitive skin

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