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Callus Eliminator (pack of 2) This strong formula quickly loosens tough callus tissue to ease filing or buffing. Breaks down calluses in 3-5 minutes.

Toe Separators Colorful, comfortable, soft foam toe separators.

Callus Pro - Electric Foot File Smoother skin without chemicals or razors. Get rid of callus the safe way with Callus Pro! The cordless,...

Slipper 120 pairs Foam Slippers: Available assorted colors: pink, yellow, green, & purple Flip Slippers,  Non Skid Foam Slipper: Available in...

PediClear 1/2lb - Spa disinfectant (bag of 2) EPA approved cleaner for spas. Kills 99.999% of bacteria in 30 seconds. Disinfects and oxidizes in one...

Callus Ultra 1 gallon Fast and easy Easily removes tough corns or calluses in 2-3 minutes. Safer to use than credo tool.

Foam Slippers with Non-Skid Bottom Case of 720 pairs

ANS - Sand sloughing lotion (bag of 2) Description:  Step 3 of the Pampered Feet Pedicure line! Use Sloughing lotion or Sanding Lotion.

$90.00 $77.00
Pedicure foam slippers 360 pairs per box High density quality foam No stickers or tape required Disposable One size fits all Assorted...

ANS - Pedi Rocks Description:  Step 1 of the Pampered Feet Pedicure line! Soak with Pedi Salt or Pedi Rocks. 10 lbs

ANS pedicure container STEP 1 (Pedi Rocks - 45lbs or Pedi Salt - 45lbs):  Soak your customer's feet with our ANS Pedi Salt or Pedi Rocks. Begin every...

Botanical escapes unscented massage oil Description:  Use to create herbal massage oils. Click here for Botanical Escapes™ Herbal Spa flyer.

ANS cherry hand soap 1gal (bag of 4) Hand soap with sweet cherry scent, smells as good as it sounds! 

ANS - Pedicure Scrub Gel (pack of 2) ANS Pedicure Scrub Gel exfoliates and polishes with a clean, invigorating scent. Leaves skin feeling refreshed....

ANS Pedi Foot Mask - 1 gal Description:  Step 5 of the Pampered Feet Pedicure line! Use Foot Mask or Foot Mud Relieves dry skin

Ultra soft toe separator (1000 prs/box)

ANS Pumice pad (pack of 3) 1 pack = 24ct (3 pack = 72ct) Description:  2"x4"

Self-Sealing Sterilization Pouches Keen Essentials Sterilization Pouch are made from medical paper and flim. Printed indicators help monitor the...

Hooked disposable slippers (360 pairs) 360 pairs per box High density quality foam No stickers or tape required Disposable One...

ANS pumice pad large ANS Pumice Pad safely removes dry skin and calluses, For best results, use pumice after skin has been soaked and softened in...

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