BLV pedicure chairs

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Impact spa pedicure chair Our Super Comfy Impact Pedicure Spa Chair gives your clients something to sink into without compromising any of the features you love and need Equipped with NO-plumbing pedicure spa system. The Impact provides a sophisticated full service setting for your salon...
$2,864.00 $2,602.00
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Element spa pedicure chair The Element Pedicure Spa Chair in ultra-sleek design and the signature NO-plumbing pedicure spa system provides a sophisticated full service setting for your salon treatments. Comes with a laminated "distressed" wood base, reclining ergonomic cushion with built-in...
$3,338.00 $2,602.00
You save: $736.00
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Essence spa pedicure chair Essence Pedicure Chair offers a minimalistic elegant setting for your Pedicure Room. Reclining ergonomic cushion on a heavy-duty round base with hydraulic pump. Optional built-in heat and vibration. Pair Essence chair with Balance Foot Rest, Trio Foot Spa. Add...
$2,864.00 $1,334.00
You save: $1,530.00
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Pedi Rock spa pedicure chair (no-plumbing) Pedi Rock Pedicure Chair is a compact pedicure station with smart options to enhance pedicure services. Low set platform with rotating chair for easy client access. Chair equipped with hydraulic pump to accommodate tall clients. Your client can...
$2,695.00 $1,352.00
You save: $1,343.00
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Eclipse spa pedicure chair The Eclipse Chair features a convenient step that enables customers to effortlessly access the chair with ease. The chair provides the flexibility to choose the preferred side for the step, allowing you to customize its placement to either the left or right...
$2,700.00 $2,409.00
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Dorset spa pedicure chair Perfect Pedicure Spa Chair Dorset has a crisp linen look combined with custom finished wood for that elegant salon ambiance. A look that shows pedicure chairs do not have to be huge, bulky, or impossible to climb in. It requires no plumbing, hassle, or nightmares....
$3,429.00 $3,171.00
You save: $258.00
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Q: I have been shopping around and have found your prices are the best how come?
A: We are a true wholesaler. What that means is we take advantage of our large purchasing power to work with our suppliers so that we can give our customers lowest prices.

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