Human touch full body massage package

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Human touch full body massage package

Human touch full body massage zero gravity chair

  • FULL BODY MASSAGE CHAIR - Engineered to provide you with an whole body massage right at the comfort of your home! This massage chair is designed to seamlessly simulate the hands and technique of a trained massage professional.
  • STRESS-REDUCING RELAXATION - Developed with the 3D FlexGlide Technology designed to deliver sensitive massage techniques to effectively alleviate stress. It offers a seamless glide to give you the ultimate relaxation free from pinching and friction.
  • ANGULAR SWIVEL BASE - Structured with a 55-degree swivel base that gives you the freedom to enjoy a massage from any angle. It's multi-directional design allows you to easily navigate the chair without dragging it to a different direction.
  • TARGETED RELIEF - Built with three stationary massage techniques and a glide massage that can be combined for a custom massage. It features a Range button for your vertical massage range with Position and Partial Glide that targets specific areas.
  • IMPROVES BLOOD FLOW - Finished with a retractable foot and calf massager with CirQlation Technology. It effectively massages the legs in an upward motion to force the blood into the body's core for improved circulation.

GZSZ Solid wood foot massage

  • Perennial enjoyment: In spring, we wash our feet and our bodies are strong. In the summer, we bathe in the summer, wet in the summer, immerse the feet in the autumn, blood circulation, and immerse the feet in the winter to drive away the cold.
  • Hot water foot bath can reduce lactic acid in the blood, which is the simplest and most effective way to eliminate physical fatigue.
  • The barrel is small, the effect is very big - promote blood circulation, eliminate fatigue, improve sleep, promote metabolism。
  • Tip: Soak your feet for 20~30 minutes with 40~50°C water. The blood flow of the whole body increases, 10~13 times for women and 13~18 times for men. Obviously, a hot foot bath can improve Blood circulation.
  • Green Natural material, solid wood, with natural wood aroma, hard insulation, green health and environmental protection products, durable waterproof, sun and moisture.

Foot bath, which is beneficial to increase blood circulation in the body and achieve detoxification through sweating.
Massage your acupuncture points on the soles of the feet to promote blood circulation; let your feet and calves eliminate soreness and fatigue; let your feet take a hot spring bath;
The suitable water temperature of the foot bath is between 40 °C and 50 °C. It is better to feel warm and slightly hot. It varies from person to person. Don't pursue the heat as much as possible. Do not force the Sweat too much and blindly extend the time.
Can be used every day (except for women's menstrual period, pregnancy)
It is recommended that you drink a cup of boiling water before the
Do not pour hot water above 60 degrees directly to avoid burns on the feet or high humidity deformation of the product.

Scope of application: bathroo
Style: modern
Packing: Foot tub * 1

1.Due to light problems, products and pictures may have a slight color, please prevail in kind
2. As the product is made of natural wood, the texture may be slightly different from the image.

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