Spa Parts

You can search and order your spa parts directly on our web site. If you cannot find what you are looking for, use our Live Chat support, available from mon-fri 10am-6pm est.

D004 sprayer guide (pack of 3) ID : 1.139" OD: 1.285"

Light bulb for nail dryer Black Lite Blue 75W 120V Pre-Tested Premium Quality

Footrest with mechanism for Katai chair Use for Katai spa pedicure chair

Fior II spa tub Use for  Fior II spa pedicure chair

Cartridge for Faucet (All empress chair)

LX Faucet complete set for autofill Use for Lexor pedicure chair with Autofill

PSC-3 leather set Use for PSD pedicure chairs

AYC P-trap use for AYC pedicure chair

Siena spa tub Use for  Siena spa pedicure chair

Human touch actuator slide for HT135 Replacement your massage chair's actuator slide. Controls slide machanism for HT-135 pedicure chair seat 120V...

Spa Outside overflow cap Replacement Overflow Drain Cap for you pedicure spa tub. (Includes cap only)

Disposable pedicure liners big size (800pcs) Liners for spa pedicures, 124cm, thickness 0.013mm. (One of the Biggest and thickest on the...

Jet Cover for Infiniti pipeless motor

GS1017 spray head holder (pack of 3)

ICU Chip for PCB Cleo/Pacific AX Use for Cleo, Pacifix Ax pedicure chair

Belt for AYC massage chair

Rubber Elbow spa 1-1/4" clamp Rubber Elbow with hose clamps (1.25 in) Replacement part Connects discharge flex hose to drain pump.

Electric motor of Super relax Available three size

4 way hot & cold valve faucet  

Chrome salon faucet for sink & shampoo backwash New Chrome Faucet For Salon Shampoo Sink With Flexible Fittings. Single on/off Lever Adjusts...

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