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Air Relay Switch Air relay switch for 1/8" air hose

PSOA - LED001 LED bulb 7 color changing LED bulb (for all pedicure spa models)

B-015 Guide for hose connector (bag of 2)

$100.00 $49.00
Drain/Jet Switch (bag of 2) A round shaped device that connect to drain shoe with flexible meta cable Comes with on/off switch, Fit 1/2" drilled hole

DC motor belt for Toepia GX - kneading

Footrest Leveller 3" Height Set of 2

9640 remote holder For Use with GS8022-2

Footrest leveller 20mm Thread, 48mm Total

Backflow Preventer (brass) Dimensions: 1.5"L x 3/4"D

Plastic Hinge/Bracket for Petra Tray (bag of 5) For Petra 500, and Petra 700 Spa models - Compatible w/item DA-TRAY-PET -

Splash water guard Use for HT044/045/245 Massage Chair

Impeller for Sanijet Cover Size: Height = 0.42" Approx DIA 2 1/4"

HT-045 Cup holder Massage Chair Cup Holder Replacement

HT-245 Cup holder Massage Chair Cup Holder Replacement

Air control white tube (bag of 3) Dimension: 3/8" 8ft roll (bag of 3 is 24ft)

Drain Knob - Outside the tub Pop Up Drain Control Knob For drain knob installed outside of the base

M003 Strainer screw (bag of 3)

T214 main switch

S-001 Suction set

Hot & Cold faucet handle Water hose 30" Long Outside measurement 3/4" fit in 1/2" male water pipe.

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