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You can search and order your spa parts directly on our web site. If you cannot find what you are looking for, use our Live Chat support, available from mon-fri 10am-6pm est.

Spring for Gearbox Arm - Short Short Gold/Silver Spring for Gearbox Arm Size: 1.7" Sold for a pair

Light Housing Lens Opener Tool for item GG-59350 For Episode, Toepia, Petra, Pacific, Cleo manufactured between 2004 ~ March 30, 2007

9600 & 9640 Up & Down Sensor for 9600 & 9640 pedicure chair seat

03D Massage Backrest with machanism - Full Function Massage Back  - With one remote control  - Rated power: 150W  - Rated voltage: 120 VAC  -...

PediSpa Wall Drain Power Supply Activate by air switch.  2 on/off and 1 continuous. 1 timer (2 minutes for drain pump).  120V. ETL listed.

KMX power adapter (bag of 2) for spa pedicure chairs

Hinges & Screw for footrest (pack of 3)  (comes in a package of 2 sets) - pack of 3 (6 higes & screw)

TNS - LED spa light Dimensions: Large piece 2.5" Small piece 1.5"

Cleo AX pedicure chair seat Full Function Shiatsu massage. Using 120V Automatic Seat slide and Recline. Armrest: Swing up and down....

Armrest Pivot Pin for PT9, RMX, and Lenox  

Auto-Fill control box White box use to control auto-fill system Input Power: 24VDC, Control water level and on/off whirlpool

9600 up and down motor, used for Gulstream pedicure chairs.

Caster/Wheel for Euro Stool - Threaded (pack of 10) PU Caster/Wheel for Euro Stool - Threaded Type

AC Motor Cut Off Trigger Switch with Wire For all J&A models with full massage Mechanism. It prevents gearbox from moving past the limit.

XO pedicure chair seat Dimension: 22"W X 34 1.2"L(Incline), 50"L(Recline) X 44"H(Incline), 34"H(Recline) Wt. 125Lbs

Vacuum Breaker Set 1. Connecting Hose 2. Fastening bolt and wing nut / Mounting bar. 3. Brass Hex nuts and Pipe Nipples. 4. Hose Receiver Cap. 5. Vacuum...

Base for Kiddie pedicure chair Fiberglass with Acrylic coated base Chemical and acetone resistance for shell CleanJet, No-pipe foot spas...

Wood Finished Armrest for Petra RMX , Cleo RMX, and Lenox Wood Finished Armrest for Petra RMX , Cleo RMX  and Lenox spa pedicure chair - Sell Left...

Lock nut Locking nut for ps750 spa facilitate installation of ps750 chair - no tools required. Sold a pair

Flex hose 3/4" Flex hose

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