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$1,750.00 $1,472.00
Signature Drop-In Basin Designed to complement any salon décor, the Signature Drop-In Basin is Eco-friendly and holds approximately four (4) gallons of...

Kid chair cover Use for Kid spa pedicure chair

TNS - LED spa light Dimensions: Large piece 2.5" Small piece 1.5"

Auto fill relay (bag of 3) Turns on the whirlpool jet when the water fills to its compacity level.

Water discharge pump Germany Made water discharge pump Motor: 120V 60Hz, 85Watts Pumps up to 4"

Foot bath Durable, white acrylic pedicure soaking tub. Foot Bath is designed to be plumbed in place and has convenient water controlls on tub side and...

$700.00 $640.00
Gs5015 - Hard rock C glass bowl Any Bowl ordered for anything other than a unit considered custom Order: No Returns, Refunds or Exchanges.

Remote control for Petra RMX 535, Petra 900, and Spa 3

TT370 Remote control Use for  Lexor pedicure chair

HTxT4 pad set Use for T4 spa pedicure chair

Air Button - chrome (pack of 2) For use with all spa series on / off operations of drain pump, jet, and light systems. Dimensions:  2" x 2" 2-1/8". 

LX Faucet complete set for non-autofill The Faucet Complete that can be turned ON/OFF with the need of the Nail Tech. It can adjust water temperature to...

Front Backrest Cover Set for XO chair Includes Backrest Cover Seat Cushion Skirt Set

XO/XO II seat cover for all salon tech spa pedicure chairs

PSC-2 leather set Use for PSD pedicure chairs

Luraco impeller for magnet jet (pack of 2) Use or magnet jet

9660 pedicure chair seat Whether you’re upgrading your old Gulfstream pedicure unit or remodeling with new, updated features, the 9660 massage chair...

AC Motor - SPA2/SPA3/PT9/RMX For J&A Petra900, Petra Roma, Episode, and Teopia Spa with Single Remote

DC Motor DC Motor for Gearbox with Single DC motor For J&A Episode, Toepia, Petra 500/700 Approx Size: 3" DIA X 5" H Weight: 5 LBS - 120V DC

AC/DC Motor Pulley Approximate Size: 1" DIA X 1" H

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