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Main PCB for AN4000/AN7000/AN9000 for all Anthea Massage chair after 2010 only for Small remote control with Mp3 Music

Luxe leather set 2011 Use for Luxe spa pedicure chair

GS 7082-C ID jet wet cover Use for ID jet motor

B006H sprayer head (bag of 2) Chrome finish. Universal style for maximum compatibility. Replaces thumb-control spray-head. Fit best...

Impeller for Sanijet Cover Size: Height = 0.42" Approx DIA 2 1/4"

GS2000 - Footrest kit * Without Bracket

E-Soft liner (400pcs) Soft poly -elastic fitting-  liners are available in various sizes and quantities. Liner E fits for La Fleur / La Tulip / La...

$100.00 $64.00
Drain/Jet Switch (bag of 2) A round shaped device that connect to drain shoe with flexible meta cable Comes with on/off switch, Fit 1/2" drilled hole

Air switch power box 4 Outlet power box provides 2 continuous hot outlets (energized full time) and 2 outlets controlled by one air actuated on/off...

$115.00 $98.00
Gulfstream remote control 9700 Remote controller for 9700 model LaFleur, LaTulip, Lalili, and ChiSpa pedicure chairs

LC - L1 pedicure chair leather set This seat is for all old LC chair models.

Shower Head Sprayer For all Pacific 300, Toepia, and Episode series

Backrest Cover for Petra RMX and Lenox Front Backrest Cover Upholstery for Petra RMX Available colors: Taupe Beige, Chocolate, Rosewood Red,...

9640 Circuit Board for use with GS8022 Remote The customer may need to use the flat black micro chip from the original board if the replacement is...

Recline/Slide remote control For Episode /Petra/Toepia and other brand Spa Chairs Toepia/Episode between 2004 ~ November 2006 Petra between 2004 ~ 2009...

Model 3803 pad set Replace by  Shiasulogic PI cushion cover set

9620-1 pedicure chair seat for all GS pedicure chair Including the USB charge

HT138 massage chair Features: Armrest made of polypropylene, a naturally Acetone resistance material Cocoa colored arm tips with cup holders...

Armrest for LC chair Use for: M5 pedicure chair M3 pedicure chair D3 pedicure chair D5 pedicure chair S3 pedicure chair L240...

Ecojet disposable liners For Nail Spa or Massage Spas, pedicures, foot spas, etc. Disposable plastic spa covers Convenient size that fits most...

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