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Backrest frame for Petra 500/ Petra 700 Backrest Plastic Frame with Leather Cover For J&A Petra 500, and Petra 700

AC Motor - SPA2/SPA3/PT9/RMX For J&A Petra900, Petra Roma, Episode, and Teopia Spa with Single Remote

Faucet/ Mixer Diverter - Verticle 3 way faucet  Chrome Verticle Faucet/ Mixer with Brass Elbow For J&A Spas Purchased after January 2007

Impeller for Sanijet Cover Size: Height = 0.42" Approx DIA 2 1/4"

GS Clean jet max motor Use for Gulfstream pediure chairs.

Pillow for Cleo/Cleo LX Available Color: Black, Brick (Red/Orange), and Mocha

DC Motor Bracket DC Motor Mounting Bracket for Gearbox with Single DC Motor Approx Size: 1 3/4" W X 2 1/2 L

Main PCB for Petra 900 Main pcb (printed circuit board) for controls massage and recline/slide, approx size 18" x 16".

Stool wheel (bag of 20) The screwed in or plugged in ones

Remote Control for Cleo / Cleo LX for Cleo and Cleo LX spa pedicure chair

$650.00 $454.00
Camellia pedicure chair bowl

L002 4-way faucet - 4 Way Faucet - Brass fixture with chrome finish Dimensions: 2x 1/2"M & 2 x 1/2"M

Recline/Slide remote control For Episode /Petra/Toepia and other brand Spa Chairs Toepia/Episode between 2004 ~ November 2006 Petra between 2004 ~ 2009...

B006H sprayer head (bag of 2) Chrome finish. Universal style for maximum compatibility. Replaces thumb-control spray-head. Fit best...

Drain Knob - Outside the tub (bag of 2) Pop Up Drain Control Knob For drain knob installed outside of the base

HT135 massage mechanism (refurbished) Why buy a new massage chair when all you need is the massage mechanism? Extend the life your massage chair with a...

Backrest Frame for Episode / Toepia - SPA1 Backrest Wood Frame with Leather Cover For J&A Episode, and Toepia with dual remote

$795.00 $790.85
Massage Mechanism for RMX / Lenox - 560 Complete back massage mechanism for RMX / Lenox 560

Gulfstream remote control 9620 (2012 Version) Remote controller for 9620 model LaFleur, LaTulip, Lalili, and ChiSpa pedicure chairs

$169.50 $85.75
Durajet III pipeless jet Durajet III Pipeless jet can be used in any pedicure spa chairs * 3.5" motor housing

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