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$169.50 $85.75
Durajet III pipeless jet Durajet III Pipeless jet can be used in any pedicure spa chairs * 3.5" motor housing

DC Motor Belt For J&A Pedicure with Single DC Motor Mechanism Approx Size: 3/16" W X 5 1/4 DIA

Allen wrench set (pack of 3) Allen Wrench Set for CR-BD11851 Faucet Handle For J&A Spas Purchased Prior to January 2007

Model 3803 pad set Replace by  Shiasulogic PI cushion cover set




Push button tube (bag of 3) Connects power supply to push control button 1/8 inch Clear tubing. 6 ft roll (bag of 3 = 18 ft)

Foot Cushion for Pacific 300 - Mounting Hardware Sold Separately (Foot Rest Mechanism) - - Available in Black Color Only -

Remote for Petra 900

Wire Set for DC Motor SPA2 (4 Pin Connector) For J&A Episode, Toepia with Single Remote After November 2006

Backrest Frame for Petra 500 / 700 Backrest Plastic Frame with Leather Cover For J&A Petra 500, and Petra 700 Available Color: Beige, Burgundy,...

AC motor belt (pack of 3) for spa1/pt1/spa2 chair ,approx size 3/16" w x 4" dia.

Spa Light Kit Housing For Episode, Toepia, Petra, Pacific, Cleo manufactured after April 2007 Dimension: Width 3 and 1/4 inch Depth 1 and...

Backrest Frame for Episode / Toepia - SPA2/SPA3

Seat Cushion for Episode/Toepia - SPA1 Seat Cushion for all Episode Spa Series, and Toepia Spa Series with Dual Remote. - SPA1 seat cushion with 2 wing...

Gearbox for Petra 900/RMX/SPA3 Gearbox Set for PT9/SPA with Dual DC Motor Mechanism For J&A Petra 900, Petra RMX, Episode & Toepia with Dual DC...

Seat Cushion for Cleo/Cleo LX Available Color: Black, Brick (Red/Orange), and Mocha.

Wire Set for DC Motor SPA1/PT1 (2 Pin Connector) For J&A Episode, Petra 500/700, Toepia with Dual Remote

H007 Faucet set Includes B-009 Spray Head B-009 Spray Hose L004 3 way faucet D-003 Sprayer Guide HSR 6’ Cold Hose HSR 6’ Hot Hose

Sticker for recline/slide remote (bag of 5)

Footrest Mechanism Adjust Height and position of Foot Cushion Consist of Face Plate and T-Bar Bracket. It is for all  Pacific spa...

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