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You can search and order your spa parts directly on our web site. If you cannot find what you are looking for, use our Live Chat support, available from mon-fri 10am-6pm est.

Gasket - silicone Gasket for Sanijet Motor Casing OD: 4 1/8" x ID: X 3 3/8" x 1/8 " Thick

Jet Cover - Vico One Piece Jet Cover Complete with Eyeball & Jet Body -Has Threaded End - For Piped whirlpool spas manufactured prior to January 2003

Suction Cover Suction Cover -  Chrome Plated For all J&A piped whirlpool spas manufactured after 2004 Diameter: 3 1/2" Thickness: 7/16"...

Spa Light Kit Housing For Episode, Toepia, Petra, Pacific, Cleo manufactured after April 2007 Dimension: Width 3 and 1/4 inch Depth 1 and...

TT-350 remote cable A four feet long wire for easy replacement

AF Outside overflow assembly Don't let your pedicure spa overflow, replace your outside overflow plumbing with a new assembly.

$1,199.00 $943.00
PC4000 pedicure chair seat Features: Wood Armrest. With Mp3 Music Player Headphone included built in 5 airbags Both wood tray aside...

PL-AC jet cover without motor

Disposable Liner 200pcs LARGE size disposable liner, made with recyclable plastic and designed for one-time use, is perfectly pre-fitted to the tub for...

Stainless foot cushion hinge Stainless steel rust proof construction - All Episode Models sold after year 2004, all Petra, Toepia LX, and Roma

Backrest Cover for Episode/Toepia Front backrest cover upholstery for episode and toepia spa models. Available Colors - Blue, Burgundy, Black, and Beige

DC Motor for SPA3/PT2/PT9/RMX (Kneading) DC Motor for Gearbox with Dual DC Motors. One each required for kneading and tapping function. For J&A...

$169.50 $85.75
Durajet III pipeless jet Durajet III Pipeless jet can be used in any pedicure spa chairs * 3.5" motor housing

Drain Stopper Gasket (bag of 5) Gasket attached to drain stopper. Made of silicone material for more flexibly and durability

4 Way faucet set One handle spa faucet in chrome featuring two way water inlets and two way water outlets Water inlet size: 1/2", made of chrome

9600/9640 remote wire from circuit board (bag of 3) for 9600/9640 pedicure chair seat With 8009-01 female:  wire connect to remote control With...

HT135 main board Replace your old or broken circuit board with a new one and extend the life of your massage chair.

$199.00 $158.00
TNS Remote control 03 for TNS chairs

HT138 pad set Use for HT138 massage chair

Remote for Episode/Petra/Toepia (Dual) Toepia/Episode between 2004 ~ November 2006 Petra between 2004 ~ 2009 Compatible other Spa Brand Spa with...

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