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HT135 remote control

$199.00 $133.00
LC Remote control - EX massage chair

120V DC Motor for 1802 series chairs.

LC - L1 pedicure chair leather set This seat is for all old LC chair models.

$135.00 $126.50
Control Box for Slide/Recline Pistons for Cleo Day Spa

Polyurethane Foam - Hinges, Stopper, and mounting hardwares sold separately - Available Color: Black

DC Motor Belt for Tapping DC Motor Belt for Dual DC Motor Mechanism For J&A Petra 900, Petra RMX, Episode & Toepia with Dual DC motor...

Foot Cushion for Episode Serie - Polyurethane Foam - Hinges sell separately - Available Color: Beige, Blue, Black, and Burgundy

Drain extension hose 1" diameter flexible hose 60" long

GS1007 Sprayer head & hose (bag of 3)

$1,750.00 $1,495.00
Base for La Tulip II pedicure chair

PCB with Connector unit for DaySpa Chair

Main PCB for AN4000/AN7000/AN9000 for all Anthea Massage chair after 2010 only for Small remote control with Mp3 Music

Jet Cover - Vico One Piece Jet Cover Complete with Eyeball & Jet Body -Has Threaded End - For Piped whirlpool spas manufactured prior to January 2003

GS2000 - Footrest kit * Without Bracket

Round face plate for faucet (bag of 3) for Faucet KI-F003F For J&A Petra, Toepia, Roma, and Cleo

B006 Sprayer set - spray head and hose

Disposable Liner for JA (100pcs) The Disposable Spa Liners fits JA Pedicure chair (Toepia GX, Cleo, ELX, Roma) whirlpool basin. Designed to work with...

P trap

Air switch power box 4 Outlet power box provides 2 continuous hot outlets (energized full time) and 2 outlets controlled by one air actuated on/off...

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