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HT-245 manicure tray Replace your massage chair's worn or broken manicure tray

Universal tray for spa base (bag of 2) This small tool tray is specifically design to be mounted to anywhere in front or side of the pedicure spa base...

Armrest top for Petra 900 Sold Left or Right Separately

S900 PC Board Set

Foot rest mechanism for Lenox

Adjustable Foot Cushion for Lenox

Aero lift chair pump The AeroLift Styling Chair pump is one of the best on the market. It utilizes a heavy duty hydraulic system that offers ease to...

Base for Spa Joy pedicure chair Dimension & Weight Chair (XO2): 22"W. x 34 1/2"L.(Incline), 50"L.(Recline) x 44"H.(Incline), 34"H.(Recline),...

IMD Lithium Ion Battery Package for  IMD nail drill

Base for First Class pedicure chair

Base for Clean Joy pedicure chair

$4,095.00 $2,175.00
Selena Bench seat for  Selena bech spa pedicure chair

PCB for Mechanism Location Detection Sensor PCB for Mechanism Location Detection Sensor For J&A Cleo, Cleo LX, Episode "I"

Adaptor for Roller Mechanism Adaptor for Roller Mechanism For J&A Pacific 650, and older Toepia models with roller mechanism Input: 120 V Hertz: 60...

Universal Remote Pouch Remote Pouch / Holder for Remote Control Compatible with all J&A Spa Chairs

Recline Piston for Toepia GX

Lumbar Cushion with Strap Multi-Use Lumbar Cushion Firm Supportive Foam Padding Relieves Lower Back Pains Breathable Mesh Covering...

Footrest Leveller 3" Height Set of 2

Gold Ring

Motor Mount

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