Armrest - Manicure Trays

HT135 wooden tray  for HT135 pedicure seat Dimensions:   13"L x 7.5"W x 1"H

9640 Armrests (left + right) for 9640 pedicure chair seat The tray attached to the armrest Price per pair

Armrest for LC chair Use for: M5 pedicure chair M3 pedicure chair D3 pedicure chair D5 pedicure chair S3 pedicure chair L240...

Armrest for Cleo/Cleo LX Sold Left & Right Side Separately. * The armrest includes the mounting brackets (pivot and thread options).

Armrest for 777 chair seat Use for Chair top 777 Both sides

Tray for Cleo/Cleo LX Side Arm Tray for Cleo/Cleo LX Dark Wood Finish Tray only. Not includes bracket and hinge. ** Left and Right Sold...

Petra 500/700 Tray for Cup Holder Foldable side arm tray for Petra 500/700 Tray Size: 8" W x 12" L x 1/2" Thk, - Supplied with gas piston.

9620-1 Armrest (left + right) for 9620-1 pedicure chair seat Sold in pairs

Hydraulic Armrest Supporter For J&A Petra 900 and Petra RMX Price reflect 1 Tray includes mounting hardware - Sell Left or Right Separately -...

GS8026-L & GS8027-R - 9620 Tray board set GS8026-L left side tray, GS8027-R right side tray. Drop in manicure bowl and Hardware is NOT included...

9640 Fold Down Tray Sold individually

Wood Tray For Petra 900, RMX, and Lenox Wood Tray For Petra 900, RMX, and Lenox with Cup Holder ** Left and Right Sold Separately **

Armrest 51 for pedicure spa Included armrest & manicure tray (let & right) Use for AYC pedicure chairs

Support bracket for trays Use for Trays - Cleo, Toepia GX, Petra 900F, Episode LX, Pacific AX

HT135 Armrest with tray Why buy a new massage chair when all you need is the armrest? Replace your worn or damaged massage chair armrest with a new...

Armrest For Episode LX Use for  Episode LX pedicure chair

HT135 manicure tray with hinge faux wood Replace your massage chair's worn or broken manicure tray Dimensions: 13"L x 7.5"W x 1"H

Tray For Petra 900 Marble finish tray for Petra-900, fits both left or right side.

Petra 900 Armrest Set Marble Finished Armrest for Petra 900 For J&A Petra 900 - Sell Left or Right Separately -

Wood Finished Tray For Petra 900 and RMX - Fits both left or right side -

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